G*Connect webinar: How to turn your spare room into a Control Room

null G*Connect webinar: How to turn your spare room into a Control Room

G*Connect webinar: How to turn your spare room into a Control Room


Tuesday 23rd March,13:00 EET (GMT+02)... In this G*Connect event, Genelec’s Andy Bensley and Darren Rose discuss how Andy converted an ‘echoey, fluttery’ spare room in his new house into a real world studio space.

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Andy’s tiny studio – a mere 2.4m x 3m in size – will be a familiar sight to anyone who’s watched recent #GenelecProAtHome Instagram Live events. In this session, Andy explains how he gradually tackled the acoustic issues in the room, using a combination of acoustic treatment, Genelec Smart Active Monitoring and GLM calibration software to achieve a truly accurate sonic reference – without breaking the bank!

At the end of the session, Andy and Darren will be answering your questions live. If you’re an engineer or creative looking to get the most from your home studio space, this is essential viewing!

About the presenters

Andy Bensley first encountered Genelec loudspeakers as a student, and has spent most of his life working with them. Having worked as a studio engineer and FOH engineer, Andy spent six years with Genelec distributor Source Distribution in the UK as pro audio brand manager, before joining Genelec as Regional Business Development Manager in 2019. Andy has huge experience in analysing and improving the in-room performance of loudspeaker systems in a wide range of studios – from the smallest bedroom to the largest post production studio.

Darren Rose is a Senior R&D Specialist at Genelec, having joined the company in 2000. Graduating in Electroacoustics from Salford University in the UK, Darren has been a key figure in the design of many of Genelec’s finest products, from the diminutive 6010 to the colossal 1236. The presenter of our popular One Minute Masterclass video series, Darren’s deep technical knowledge is matched by a real-world understanding of the challenges of audio monitoring today.

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