Personalised Listening: Global Launch Event

null Personalised Listening: Global Launch Event

Personalised Listening: Global Launch Event


The Aural ID plug-in launch event, now available on demand.

Sound is universal. The way we experience it, deeply personal. So, if you’re an audio professional looking for a completely tailor-made headphone monitoring experience, watch our launch event and learn about our new Aural ID plug-in.

Now available as a completely personalised DAW plug-in, Aural ID accurately replicates in-room monitoring, from stereo to immersive, over high-performance headphones. Its virtual monitors allow you to localise sound in a way that’s not possible with headphones alone, and highly detailed measurements of your unique hearing system ensure next-level accuracy, workflow efficiency, and a sonic reference you can rely on virtually anywhere.

Hosted by Darren Rose, and joined by Genelec R&D Director Aki Mäkivirta and Senior Technologist Thomas Lund, we walk you through the technology behind Aural ID and discuss its features, who it’s designed for, and how it can help you to mix and master reliably in challenging environments.