AES Europe 2023

null AES Europe 2023

AES Europe 2023

13. - 15.5.2023

Genelec is a proud sponsor of this year’s AES Europe Convention, which is held at Aalto University in Espoo (near Helsinki), Finland, from Saturday the 13th of May until Monday the 15th.

As a very special part of our 45 World Tour, we’ll be using the event to help celebrate our 45th anniversary, offering a comprehensive Genelec experience – including an unforgettable monitor presentation, a workshop with mastering legend Bob Katz and a 7.1.4 ‘The Ones’ immersive listening room.

Here’s a full list of Genelec sessions at AES Europe 2023:

Saturday 13th May

11:20 EEST – Directional Analysis of Early Reflections in Small Shoebox-Shaped Listening Rooms.

Sunday 14th May

13:00 EEST – Hyunkook Lee: Enveloping Masterclass.
14:00 EEST – Morten Lindberg: Enveloping Masterclass.
15:00 EEST – Florian Camerer: Enveloping Masterclass.
16:00 EEST – Ulrike Schwarz: Enveloping Masterclass.
17:00 EEST – Genelec presents Bob Katz: Beyond Mastering.

Monday 15th May

09:00 EEST – Genelec Sponsor Workshop.
09:00 EEST – Safe Listening. Clinical review, EU requirements, tinnitus and treatment.
13:00 EEST – Kimio Hamasaki: Enveloping Masterclass.
14:00 EEST – Li Dakang: Enveloping Masterclass.
15:00 EEST – Genelec Monitor Presentation.

If you’d like to know more about mastering, make sure to catch our session with Bob Katz. He’ll be revealing a few of the secrets behind his special techniques, and using plenty of audio examples to help you grasp his methods yourself.

For those of you fascinated by spatial sound, each unique ‘Enveloping Masterclass’ opens up a new discussion about the relationship between envelopment and immersive content – with expertly crafted immersive audio examples played back on a Genelec ‘The Ones’ system.

The AES convention, which is marking its 75th anniversary, is packed full of incredible opportunities to learn from and network with some the most seasoned experts in audio – including members of Genelec’s legendary team.

So, come along and broaden your audio horizons among Espoo’s beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

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AES Europe 2023

Espoo, Helsinki Finland