AES Europe Spring 2022

null AES Europe Spring 2022

AES Europe Spring 2022

7. - 19.5.2022

Genelec is delighted to be a partner in the forthcoming AES Europe Spring event, which is held at The Hague in the Netherlands on the 7th & 8th May and then online from the 16th to 19th.

Among the event’s diverse programme, we’re giving attendees two opportunities to join our special one-hour workshop entitled ‘Enabling Headphones for Monitoring: Personal HRTFs and the Genelec Aural ID plug-in’. Join us in person at 11:30 on Sunday 8th May with Senior Customer Experience Specialist Marcel Schechter at The Hague or online at 15:30 on Wednesday 18th with R&D Director Aki Mäkivirta. Additionally, Marcel will be on hand at The Hague to answer your questions at our event booth.

As you know, the excellent dynamic range of headphones makes them great for tracking and checking channel quality, yet traditionally they fail to deliver the realistic reproduction of the soundstage and virtual sound images that we rely on from loudspeaker-based monitoring. Personal HRTFs can enhance headphone listening by making the soundstage appear outside the head, bringing the listening experience much closer to that of traditional loudspeaker-based monitoring. This presentation reviews the various approaches to obtaining HRTFs and explains how Genelec’s Aural ID technology captures a highly personal HRTF, enabling its use in effective professional monitoring.

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Meet Genelec's presenters: 

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Marcel Schechter

Before joining Genelec as Senior Customer Experience Specialist in 2021, Marcel had already spent 7 years as a product specialist for the German distributor Audio Pro. Before that, he worked for 10 years as a sound engineer, including a period at Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg where he specialised in sound design, documentary film mixing and music production. Marcel uses his practical experience to advise customers on choosing, optimising and calibrating loudspeaker systems, and regularly hosts workshops on the principles of room acoustics. He describes himself as an audio enthusiast, and music has accompanied him since his earliest childhood days.

Aki Mäkivirta

Aki Mäkivirta

Aki joined Genelec in 1995 and brought huge expertise in Digital Signal Processing from his previous role at the Nokia Research Centre. Having skilfully shown us how he could replace the analogue filters of our iconic 1031A monitor with entirely digital processing, Aki joined our R&D team to pioneer the creation of the original 8200 range – our very first Smart Active Monitors – finally becoming R&D director in 2013. Aki is universally recognised throughout the audio industry as a multi-talented technology leader, a published researcher and a knowledgeable lecturer, and he has greatly contributed to our global success and to many technical innovations in his field of expertise.

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