G*Connect webinar: Getting to know Smart IP

null G*Connect webinar: Getting to know Smart IP

G*Connect webinar: Getting to know Smart IP


G*Connect webinar: Getting to know Smart IP, now available on demand.

Whether you’re a professional AV installer or you’re responsible for a shared space that would benefit from premium audio, Smart IP loudspeakers will provide you with a solution that’s simple to install, maintain and operate, and kinder to the environment thanks to recycled aluminium enclosures and the efficient use of a single CAT cable to deliver power, audio and control to each loudspeaker.

In this webinar, your expert hosts Marcel Schechter and Fredrik Setterberg will take you through the very basics of Smart IP networked audio, including details of the different loudspeaker models, connection to network hardware, system management, and the various benefits of Smart IP.

We’ll also go into greater depth, exploring topics such as implementing APIs, using our handy Smart IP Controller app for mobile and tablet, and utilising third-party plug-ins, before showing you a range of real-world case studies.

Meet the hosts:

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Marcel Schechter

Before joining Genelec as Senior Customer Experience Specialist in 2021, Marcel had already spent 7 years as a product specialist for the German distributor Audio Pro. Before that, he worked for 10 years as a sound engineer, including a period at Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg where he specialised in sound design, documentary film mixing and music production. Marcel uses his practical experience to advise customers on choosing, optimising and calibrating loudspeaker systems, and regularly hosts workshops on the principles of room acoustics. He describes himself as an audio enthusiast, and music has accompanied him since his earliest childhood days.

Fredrik Setterberg

Fredrik Setterberg

Since 1993, Fredrik has worked in both sales and technical roles within the audio industry, moving into AV in 2005. Having worked as a system installer, designer, audio-system programmer and consultant on large AV projects, Fredrik then focussed on audiosystem design and programming, system commissioning and project management. Fredrik joined Genelec’s Swedish team in 2021 as Sales Engineer, handling pre-sales and sales support, and providing expert assistance to dealers, systems integrators and end users alike, with training, demonstrations and on-site loudspeaker system calibrations.