G*Connect Webinar: Getting to know GLM's GRADE Report

null G*Connect Webinar: Getting to know GLM's GRADE Report

G*Connect Webinar: Getting to know GLM's GRADE Report


G*Connect webinar: Getting to know GLM's GRADE Report, now available on demand.

If you’ve ever tried to get the absolute maximum performance from a studio space, you know that highly accurate room and system response measurements are vital for the best results. Acquiring such measurements has traditionally been very challenging without the help of a professional acoustician, however, our recent GLM 4.2 software update includes a powerful new reporting tool that finally enables you to create and interpret the measurements yourself!

GRADE (Genelec Room Acoustic Data Evaluation) gives you the ability to create a complete analysis of your room’s acoustical and monitoring-system performance, in a matter of minutes. It then suggests simple adjustments to system placement and acoustic treatment that will benefit your room’s sound. Finally, it provides you with a precise and wide-ranging dataset that's perfect for showing to experienced acoustic consultants when you’d like their help to create solutions.

You'll see real-world report examples and learn all about GRADE’s readouts and what they represent, so you can start to utilise your own results and optimise your listening environment. If you’re not familiar with room acoustics, that’s no problem! We’ll be covering the basics of that too.

Meet the host:

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Marcel Schechter

Before joining Genelec as Senior Customer Experience Specialist in 2021, Marcel had already spent seven years as a product specialist for the German distributor Audio Pro. Before that, he worked for ten years as a sound engineer, including a period at Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg where he specialised in sound design, documentary film mixing and music production. Marcel uses his practical experience to advise customers on choosing, optimising and calibrating loudspeaker systems, and regularly hosts workshops on the principles of room acoustics. He describes himself as an audio enthusiast, and music has accompanied him since his earliest childhood days.